Republican and Democratic Members of Congress Pray together before the Annual Congressional Baseball Game

This past week, the resolve of our nation was tested when a lone gunman opened fire at a baseball practice for the Republican Congressional Baseball Team just outside of Washington D.C. The team was training for the annual Congressional Baseball Game–a long standing tradition that has raised millions of dollars for charity since it’s inception in 1909.

Republican and Democratic members of Congress pray together before the annual Congressional Baseball Game this past Thursday night.

Thankfully, this attack was thwarted by the heroic actions of some brave Capitol Police Officers and first responders who were able to stop the shooter from inflicting greater harm. Tragically, five people were still hurt including House Majority Whip Steve Scalise who suffered serious injuries.

It was a sad week for our country, but in the wake of this attack, I was proud to stand united with my Republican and Democratic colleagues to declare with one voice that we will not let acts of violence disrupt our democracy. Despite our political differences, we reaffirmed that we are all Americans first and foremost united in our humanity. It was great to see the Congressional Baseball Game continue as scheduled which ultimately raised more than $1.5 million for charity.

Please join me in keeping Congressman Steve Scalise in your thoughts and prayers as well as the other victims of last week’s attack as they recover from their injuries.  (Rep.  Ed Royce )